Bridle Wear    
  Show Weymouth     6 standard sizes finest English leather $520.00
  Turnout Weymouth   6 standard sizes- finer stitching/detail $545.00
  Turnout made to measure as above/ designed tor your horse $575.00
  Lip strap & chain guard made to match above $66.00
  Dressage Weymouth 6 standard sizes/ padded nose/brow $585.00
  Dressage Snaffle 6 standard sizes/ padded nose/brow $455.00
  Show Snaffle 6 Standard sizes finest English leather $385.00
  Show Snaffle finest English leather - made to measure $399.00
  Snaffle Hanovarian with fixed or removable flash strap $425.00
  Reins Plain Leather 5/8 from the finest English leather $99.00
  Reins Laced as above/ matching lacing $155.00
  Lacing to existing rein   $55.00
  Padded Reins padded with soft calf/ continental strips $175.00
  Continental Reins  plain leather with continental strips $130.00
  Pelham or Balance reins finest English leather $152.00
  Rubber Reins rubber in three colors/red/ black/ white $130.00

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